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  1. I have made one phone call and posted two previous comments with no responses regarding status of the dispute between the resort, the insurance company and the contractor. Now the resort is going to submit a proxy vote form to the owners as to whether to proceed with litigation over $100,000 so before the owners vote on this is the resort going provide details to the owners as to exactly why the insurance company is balking on covering the damage. I mean shouldn’t the owners know before they vote as to what the litigation is all about and exactly what the problem is? Today is October 9, 2017 and haven’t seen any proxy form yet.

  2. I was wondering if WE are owners of this resort, why can’t WE have a say of whether or not WE should have to pay for our rooms when WE cannot use them ! Also I believe WE as owners (not just the board) should have a say of renovations done to the resort by vote ! You always say WE are owners but only the board ever has a say about the resort except for budget !

  3. I already have a week of use for 2017 and have paid my maintenance fees for 2018. My week is coming up this weekend, but obviously the resort won’t be open; will I get another week for the loss of this year’s week? I also am concerned that the management seems intent on making owners in good standing pay for the owners who have not paid their fees; under what part of my agreement am I contractually, legally bound to pay maintenance fees for others? I will make this inquiry with a lawyer myself before I consider doing so. I have the smallest size unit and it is barely worth the maintenance fees I paid this past two years. I believe that the management has a legal obligation to the paying owners to actively go after each owners fees, not just add their debt to my fees.

  4. Trying to secure reservations for October 13 to 20, 2018 using the extra week. We are paid in full. Own wk 29 unit 701. Have left several phone messages. Also completed your reservation form twice. Now logged in to see if I can get a response from you and a confirmation on for the reservation request. Please call or email me to confirm. I called during your stated hours of operation and there is no answer or return call. Why???

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