Important Notice:

Maverick Condominium Association, Inc.

Quarterly Board Meeting

 Wednesday – April 18, 2018, 9:00 AM

Update April 2, 2018

We have some Great News! The Maverick now has a permit to complete concrete repairs. In addition, the Head of the City’s Building Department personally visited the property last week and was pleased and supportive of our efforts to reopen. The contractor is evaluating the progress of the work and should have a good time-frame, within the next couple of weeks, for when the resort can be reopened.

Renovation of the first unit type, the Bermuda units, is nearing completion after which the renovation of the second unit type, the Bahamas will begin and so on. Meanwhile, concrete repairs are being completed while preparation for stucco is in full-swing (see pictures). Interior renovations continue with replacement of tile, drywall and painting, plumbing, electrical, etc. – all where needed. Meanwhile, we are working with our vendors on window treatments and other furnishings.

We thank you for your continued patience. Please know that we are doing everything we can to get the resort open as quickly and efficiently as possible while doing our part to ensure that your vacation experience will be everything it was meant to be. The Maverick will look great when the work is completed.

Thank you as always for your support and for your ownership at the Maverick.

Update March 7, 2018

The third mock unit will be completed this week after which three of the board members will do a walkthrough to see what changes are needed. Installation of tile in the Lobby has begun and the balcony decks are about 60% completed. Texturing and painting of the units continues and concrete repairs are now in progress. The fire protection system is being tested and updated to meet current code requirements. The new metal roof over the portico and the annex building have been installed and the rest will be completed once the stucco is done in those areas.

The contractor continues to work with the city on permitting. Once it is done, we should have a good time-frame for when the resort can be reopened. Please be patient and know that we are doing everything we can to get the resort open as quickly and efficiently as possible while doing our part to ensure that your vacation experience will be everything it was meant to be.

Thank you as always for your support and for your ownership at the Maverick.


Update 2/2/18

More exciting news for the Maverick! The mock unit was completed (see photo below) and the Board walked through and made some revisions to ensure we have proper outlets, lighting, etc. The new units will have a more modern look to them and a “beachy” feel with some lighter colors instead of the dark colors we previously had. The contractor is now working on the second unit type, after which we will walk all of those units and repeat the process and it will carry on through the other unit types. Units that were near completion from the former contractor will be left that way for now (except for touch-up, floor replacement where needed, etc.) with the plan to renovate those units to make them all have the same look in the future. This enables us to stay within budget and re-open sooner.

Meanwhile, work on the Lobby has started. The floors have been prepared for tile and we are going through the design process for the check-in desk and Lobby area. The lobby will look more modern yet will also maintain some historical perspective. Work will also continue on cabling for television and the fiber optics for the Wi-Fi system. Once completed, we will have Wi-Fi throughout the property.

We also have an architectural rendering of the front exterior with which we are impressed overall, yet have requested a few minor modifications. Once completed we will share that in a future update.

Thank you as always for your support and for your ownership at the Maverick.


Update January 15, 2018

We have some exciting news for the Maverick and our Maverick Owners! We have chosen a contractor, had the contract reviewed by our attorney, revisions made as needed and the contract is signed. The contractor has already started on a mock unit so we can make some choices such as finishes, colors, etc. We are also in the permitting process with the city, which takes generally 2-3 weeks. While we are waiting on that, work not requiring a permit is being started, such as renovation of the Lobby, tile flooring, painting, etc. Once the permitting process is complete, we will be able to give an appropriate and accurate opening date. As we have work completed, we will update the website with that information, including pictures so everyone can see the progress, as it happens. This is a very exciting time and we look forward to getting this done and getting back to what we do best – serving our Maverick owners and providing great vacation experiences. Thank you all for your patience, your understanding – and most of all for your support.


Update: December 15, 2017

As of 12/15/17, we have received multiple bids on completing the renovations. The Board along with the management team is reviewing these bids and will be making a decision as soon as possible. Once the contract is reviewed by our attorney and awarded to the winning bidder, we will have an update for you with the 2018 opening date.

While we have been closed, the main booster pump system was replaced. This new system will give us better water pressure and will also be more energy efficient. Whereas operation of the old pump was essentially like having your foot on the gas and the brake at the same time, the new system will be like being on cruise control where the system gears up or down as demand increases or decreases. Over a period of a few years, the energy savings will actually pay for the cost of the new system. In addition, where the north-end units previously were on a holding tank system, the tank has now been by-passed which means that water in those units won’t have to run for a period of time to get clear, resulting in another savings in water costs.

One of the biggest complaints over the past few years has been the sleeper sofas. We will have brand-new sleeper sofas in all of the units and they are a good quality sleeper from Braxton with a Leggett & Platt contract mechanism and an upgraded memory foam mattress and upgraded fabric.

We look forward to being able to update you within the next couple of weeks at which time we should be able to give you our new opening date.

Thank you,

Maverick Board of Directors and Maverick Staff


Update: 11/10/17

The Annual Meeting of the Maverick Condominium Association was held on October 28. Two new board members were elected to the Board of Directors: Donnie Casey and Freddie Stephens, Jr. Welcome to the Maverick Board of Directors, Donnie and Freddie. We would also like to take this time to announce and welcome as our new Board President, Lance Douglas. In addition to the two board seats, membership approved Proposed Budget #2, Less Than Fully Funded Reserves which will mean an average of $625 for 2018 Maintenance Fees, Taxes and Reserves. Membership also voted to authorize the Board of Directors to pursue litigation against any party in the name of the Association involving amounts in controversy in excess of $100,000. In addition, membership voted to authorize the Board of Directors to draft and adopt a resolution to allow electronic notification. As we have more information on each of these items, we will update you.

The Maverick remains closed at this time due to the damage from Hurricane Matthew. The insurance claim is in the appraisal process and we are getting bids from other construction companies while working with our attorney to ensure we are within our legal boundaries. Within the next 30-40 days, by early to mid-December, we should have a new reopening date. Our main goal is to get the Maverick reopened as soon as we can, with the long-term goal of providing our owners and guests with a quality resort vacation experience.

For all of our owners who have lost a week or weeks due to the storm, the Maverick is giving you back your lost week, or weeks, to use at a later date and will honor the usage of the lost week up to 5 years from your deeded week. This time may be extended as the Board sees fit. Accommodations are based on availability.  Please contact the reservation department to book your lost week(s).

If any owner is interested in banking their deeded week with RCI and currently does not have a membership, RCI has a promotion right now, $59.00 for 1 year membership fee or 2 year membership fee for $100.00

To enroll: http://Discover.RCI.com and enter promotion code NewMbrOffer.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we repair and remodel the resort and bring it back to being your home away from home.

If you have any questions, please call the resort.

Maverick Staff and Board of Directors


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The Maverick Resort sits just north of  Daytona, the world’s most famous Beach.

This classic resort, recently awarded RCI Hospitality, stands on the longest beach front that still allows driving on the beach, a favorite past time of the locals. Before NASCAR and the Daytona Speedway there was racing in the sand from Ormond Beach to Ponce Inlet and back. The Maverick Resort is situated in a perfect location and just a one hour car ride to many attractions. From Disney World to NASA, there is something for everyone. This part of Florida boasts a range of interesting sports from kite surfing to motorsports. It is home to nesting sea turtles, migrating Right whales, incredible bird watching and year round dolphin activity.

485 South Atlantic Avenue
Ormond Beach, Florida 32176
(386) 672-3550

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