Important Notices:

Notice of Annual Membership Meeting and First Notice of Election

Re-Opening date of the Maverick Resort can not be confirmed at this time.

Update September 14, 2017

The Maverick has survived the latest hurricane, Irma. There is some water that was blown into the rooms. There was no severe damage to the building or structure. At the present time, it appears that there will not be enough damage to justify an insurance claim.

For an update on the current work on the Maverick from the Matthew storm, we have brought in the state insurance system and have hired a lawyer to represent us. The insurance companies have not made a final decision on the costs of some repairs. So, the public adjuster and the insurance have hired their own appraisers to estimate the costs for the repairs. The appraisers will submit their reports to a state approved umpire who will make a final decision. After the umpire’s decision, the insurance company will approve and allocate the additional funds. WE do not have a commitment on a time line to get the final decision and when the construction company will proceed with additional work.

Important Notice: In your proxy mailing that will be mailed by the end of September, there will be a question on the proxy form that needs to be completed. The State of Florida Statutes requires that a majority of the owners need to approve the actions of the board to proceed with any litigation against any party that will be over $ 100,000.00. We need your approval on the proxy before our lawyers can proceed with any legal actions.

We will keep you as informed as we are permitted, considering that there will be legal actions in progress, and there is a legal contract in place between all parties.

If you have any questions, please call the resort.

Maverick Staff and Board of Directors


~View photos of a Newly Renovated Finished Unit~

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The Maverick Resort sits just north of  Daytona, the world’s most famous Beach.

This classic resort, recently awarded RCI Hospitality, stands on the longest beach front that still allows driving on the beach, a favorite past time of the locals. Before NASCAR and the Daytona Speedway there was racing in the sand from Ormond Beach to Ponce Inlet and back. The Maverick Resort is situated in a perfect location and just a one hour car ride to many attractions. From Disney World to NASA, there is something for everyone. This part of Florida boasts a range of interesting sports from kite surfing to motorsports. It is home to nesting sea turtles, migrating Right whales, incredible bird watching and year round dolphin activity.

485 South Atlantic Avenue
Ormond Beach, Florida 32176
(386) 672-3550

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